A place to tan, lounge and bathe in serenity... Cedarglen-style!
22 Jul 2011

A place to tan, lounge and bathe in serenity... Cedarglen-style!

By: Teigan Reamsbottom

In my earlier years, I recall the utmost tension in my household when summer rolled around as the ominous quickly approached: landscaping season! The snow had melted and passers-by could once again tell that we had no yard. Usually we would put it off for as long as we could until finally it had to be done. I remember the planning stage being the most stressful as usually we were stuck with neighbours who were too cheap to pay for their half of the fence. Maybe you know the type and have had to open your purse strings even further than anticipated to accommodate for someone's lack of responsibility? You might also understand that when you want your yard fully landscaped and finally ready to enjoy, sometimes the only option is to throw down the extra coins just to get it over with.

Planning to landscape your yard can be many things: expensive, time-consuming, stressful, tiring... the list goes on. How I wish my parents would have built with Cedarglen! If they had, I might not have been a victim of child labour! Okay... that was probably a little melodramatic, but let's be real - it was a lot of work and took up most of my summer! I did have a little help, but was left to do a fair amount of the landscaping myself. I was told it would "build character" and make me "appreciate a nice yard." For three consecutive summers, as we moved, I remember laying sod, hauling gravel, planting shrubs and staining fences. I felt that my work was HGTV-worthy. My payment was occasional gratitude. Sometimes cookies.

If this sounds as undesirable to you as it was for me, then we're on the same page. Who really wants to have to deal with finishing their yard? It's one of the biggest reasons people choose to move into a second-hand home: no yard work leaves for weekends of relaxation, not hard work outside! Here at Cedarglen, we believe in providing you with a complete package; giving you everything you need. Landscaping is one of the components of that complete package. Why sell you a product that isn't quite finished, leaving you the final component to finish? If you've invested your hard-saved dollars into a Cedarglen Home, we believe you've invested wisely and should be able to move into your home with absolutely no worries.


Here's how it works :Build in our New Brighton or Auburn Bay exclusive phases and you'll have front and rear sod, shrubs and your fence taken care of. In The District (Cranston and New Brighton), you can expect front and back sod and shrubs. We'll send our professional landscape team out and build you an easy to maintain and beautiful yard that's ready to enjoy. No negotiation with neighbours and no large unexpected costs when summer rolls around! If you've built a house in the past, you're probably thinking this sounds pretty fantastic...

...unless you've already purchased a new home and will have to complete your landscaping in the forseeable future, in which case, I'll pass along some words of comfort: "it'll build character and you can try to use the manual labour to achieve the ideal sun tan."