A Fresh New Look
23 Jun 2016

A Fresh New Look

By Allison Harvie, Sales and Marketing Manager

In this week’s blog we are going to walk you through the evolution of the Cedarglen brand and how we got to where we are today. Cedarglen is a company that has never been afraid of change. We have always welcomed it because it means that we embrace progression -- moving forward.

Let's start with the year 1981. The birth of Cedarglen Homes. Robert Bezemer started the company when he obtained the name from Atco. Legally our name was The Cedarglen Group. At the time, we were known for building larger, traditional, custom homes. Here is a look at our first logo!

CG.PICT - Converted

Moving forward to 1990. This is the year that Scott Haggins joined the Cedarglen partnership. Scott provided vision and creativity that expanded the brand of The Cedarglen Group. Scott shaped the vision for Nustar by designing the first ever 28' wide homes in the Carma Developers Ltd. community of Riverbend. This product was innovating as the industry claimed this couldn't be done. This shaped our product line today.


In 1998 Mastercraft Homes was launched. This was a partnership between Scott Haggins, Robert Bezemer, Barry Wilde and Rick deChamplain. Offering a mid-sized custom homes to be built in the community of Sienna West.


All three logos constitute the three boxes you see here. Each box representing a different product line and specification, diversifying the Cedarglen brand.

Cedarglen Group Logo

This takes us to where we are today. In 2003, Scott and Bruce Hall introduced a completely different brand changing the logo entirely. Introducing a new script logo, and updated color.

Cedarglen Green Box PMS581

Throughout the years the Cedarglen brand moved to updated renderings, energy efficiency initiatives, new font styles and new coloring.

As time and trends change. We need to ask ourselves how relevant is our current brand? Does it continue to represent who we are? Is it pertinent to our staff?

For a few years now our management team has been asking ourselves are we relevant? 2016 is Cedarglen Homes' 35th anniversary, and what a perfect time for change.

When brainstorming for our new brand our marketing consultant asked us who is Cedarglen? These were the responses around the table:

  • One of the top volume builders in yyc.
  • A builder who is forward thinking with technology and change.
  • Energy efficiency is important to us.
  • Great/ relevant product design.
  • And most importantly youth. Cedarglen is one of the few companies with a succession plan in place.
  • Young staff with an average age of 37.

The words FRESH, CLEAN, LIGHT and BRIGHT, OPEN, ESSENTIALS, SIMPLE, came to mind. Not mention the most important was to connect the Cedarglen Homes and Cedarglen Living to one another.

New Logos

We are excited to launch this new brand. Our first showhome parade opens this weekend in Auburn Bay Phase 46. This new parade will feature the new Cedarglen Homes brand. Stop by to see Mike Dwyer this weekend at 16 and 20 Auburn Glen Close SE.

Have a great weekend,

Cedarglen Marketing