A Breath of Fresh Air
17 Jun 2014

A Breath of Fresh Air

By Stephanie Miller, Marketing Coordinator

We spend so much time in our homes yet we all enjoy getting fresh air. So we try and get that fresh air in our homes by opening windows, using fans or bringing in plants to help improve our air quality. Well, Lauzon Flooring has come up with a new revolutionary product that may have all the answers you’ve been looking for with their new product Pure Genius, the first smart hardwood floors!

Pure Genius is a line of hardwood flooring that contains a natural air purifying agent made with titanium dioxide. Integrated into Lauzon’s titanium floor finish, when exposed to natural and artificial light, it breaks down any toxic contaminants on contact and transforms them into harmless molecules. The product is said to have constant and consistent action that is so effective over time; it makes indoor air up to 85% cleaner. Lauzon also says that Pure Genius works constantly, without any loss of performance over time. Small scratches will not affect the performance of the smart floors but sanding, re-finishing or staining the product will nullify the air purifying effects.

What does that mean for your home? Pure Genius cleans the air in your home of Volatil Oragnic Componds (VOC) making the home a cleaner environment. With the built in technologies it cleans the air of odor causing compounds leaving the space fresher and rids the space of bacteria and microorganism which creates a healthier living space.

How do these smart floors work? Just like a tree, Pure Genius breaks down molecules, converting them into harmless water and carbon dioxide. When exposed to light, the floors surface acts as a natural filter. Once toxic molecules come into contact with the nanoparticles of Pure Genius they’re naturally broken down and transformed into harmless and imperceptible water and carbon dioxide molecules. Once it gets dark, the floor will “recharge” until the light returns.

How do you maintain smart floors? Surprisingly, the maintenance for hardwood smart floors is much like any other hardwood. It is recommended that you a certain level of humidity in your home to create a healthy environment for the floors. It’s import to sweep and vacuum your floor regularly. It’s important to never wash your hardwood floors with a wet mop and the all spills are cleaned up immediately. Lauzon also supplies Quality care products at specific retailers that they recommend for wood flooring.

We are very excited that Divine flooring will be supplying Lauzon Pure Genius and that it will be available for our home buyers. With a wide range of color to choose from, we’re sure that buyers will be as excited as we are about this product! Click here to find out more information on Lauzon Pure Genius.

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