60-Day and One-Year Inspections...
24 Aug 2012

60-Day and One-Year Inspections...

Tim Dubiel

Cedarglen has proven to be a responsible homebuilder by staying in contact with our valued customers. Building functional, aesthetically pleasing, safe homes is not the only way Cedarglen services our customers. Building homes is also about following up on how the home is working for you the customer.

Cedarglen provides a follow-up inspection at the 60th day of your possession and at the first anniversary of your possession. It is at this time our Cedarglen Site Supervisors, who were responsible for supervising the initial production, come into your home and take a look at any items that the homeowner may or may not be aware are an issue.

After 60 days our customer has had a chance to move in and start using various functions of their home such as their kitchens, bathrooms, various doors, HRV (heat recovery ventilator) units, furnaces etc. Now that you, the customer, have lived in your home you may have come across some items that you have questions about or you may have forgotten how to operate the unit itself. The most common are the HRV units. Our Supervisors are more than happy to explain the functions of these units again and address any concerns that you have with any other aspects of the home. One concern commonly mentioned is that some doors need adjusting. After we have addressed any initial concerns from the customer, our trained Supervisors will go through a checklist of normal items that might need some extra attention.

The one year inspection is similar to the 60 day inspection and we do find the homeowners have fewer issues and questions because they have had some time to ‘live’ in their home. Cedarglen will go through the same items we reviewed at the 60 day inspection, go through the checklist and answer any questions. Even though Cedarglen’s official warranty is over, we are always available for questions and concerns even after the one year inspection is over.

In addition to these two scheduled inspections we also provide our customers with a web portal to enter any service issues that may come up within the one year warranty period. Our goal is to resolve any issues our customers have during their warranty on a timely basis.